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Video 31

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Video 32: The Interview Process

20min 34sec

  • Where to do the interview.
  • Interview on phone – what to discuss.
  • Face-to-face interview.
  • ‘Personality’ Test questions.
  • List of interview questions.
  • Things you cannot ask.
  • 5 documents to ask for, from a potential staff.
  • After hired, next steps.


Word Document: Interview Questions ExamplesInterview Questions Examples

Video 33: The Orientation

10min 55sec

  • Checklist.
  • What are your personal preferences?.
  • Available on IFRC website - module books has checklists for you.
  • Discuss changes in care.
  • Length of orientation with different tasks.
  • Paydays and amount.
  • House key policy.
  • Sign the agreement.

Video 34: Be very clear about your needs to new employees

9min 29sec

  • How to be clear – order of care you like.
  • Medications.
  • Personalities.

Video 35: Be organized with your employees

7min 40sec

  • Time sheets.
  • Trust issue – be consistent.
  • What are your policies.
  • Supplies available.
  • Have a process for replenishing supplies.
  • Organized in different ways.
  • Meet your needs.
  • Standardized routines – allow flexibility.

Video 36: Scheduling your staff

10min 22sec

  • Good attendants are a requirement.
  • Discussion on principles; be on time, dependable, etc.
  • Scheduling staff for shifts based on their skills.
  • Back-up plan from main staff.
  • 2-way Communication.
  • Work on stat holidays.
  • Weekly Schedule sample.

Video 37: Weekly Schedule Example

6min 09sec

  • Weekly Schedule sample discussed.
  • Sample Calendar to track hours – time sheets.

Video 38: Daily Scheduling

11min 39sec

  • Different Time Sheets.
  • Different Employees for different kinds of shifts.
  • IFRC has an Accountant to do the payroll for you.
  • Discussion of what’s on a pay stub.
  • You can do payroll yourself.
  • Task sheet for staff, example.

Video 39: Evaluating your staff

19min 12sec

  • Staff Evaluation is key.
  • Constructive Criticism – 2-way conversation.
  • Make sure your needs are met.
  • Motivation to do better; Acknowledge staff.
  • Communicate.
  • Consult the manual.
  • IFRC Website.
  • When to do the evaluation.
  • Document what you want changed.
  • Sign the evaluation.
  • Sample evaluation sheet.


Word Document: New Performance Evaluation Form Sample - Mar 16 2015New Performance Evaluation Form Sample - Mar 16 2015

Video 40: Conflict Resolution

4min 40sec

  • It’s a process; open communication.
  • Ultimately, you make the final decision.
  • Pick your battles.
  • Never make a decision when angry.
  • Assertive Communication.
  • When and where to have a discussion.