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Video 21: The Appeal Process

20min 35sec

  • When you do not receive the expected hours you requested.
  • Reasons for denial.
  • Appealing the hours – Case Manager will give you the Process.
  • You can apply online, over the phone, in writing or in person.
  • Case Manager gathers information only. They do not make the decision.
  • Link to Review Board.
  • Formal vs Informal complaint.
  • Freedom of Information Act document online.
  • 40 days before getting an answer.
  • Internal Review.
  • Website link [patient quality review board].

Video 22: Setting up your bank account

12min 54sec

  • Steps to follow.
  • Common issues when setting up a bank account.
  • When to start.
  • Different Phases are slightly different in setting up account.
  • Rules and guidelines for account.
  • Fraser Health Authority requires 2 signing authorities on CSIL account.
  • Automatic direct deposits.

Video 22.5: The Contract

8min 00ec

  • CSIL Contract; large and important document.
  • The CSIL Contract is between you and the Health Authority.
  • Includes rules to follow as a CSIL Employer.
  • Guidelines around using your surplus.

Video 23: The Client Rate

4min 24sec

  • Clients or Spouses earning income pay no more than $300 per month.
  • Earned income – sliding scale.
  • PWD Clients do not pay a client rate.
  • Applying for hardship.

Video 24: Allowable Expenses

18min 27sec

  • Mandatory Expenses - 18% of your budget, such as, Wages, CPP, EI Deductions, WorkSafeBC, Vacation Pay, CRA Payments.
  • Optional Expenses – Reduce Wages in order to provide MSP, sick pay of 2-5%, extended medical and dental benefits.
  • Allowable expenses - Shift Premiums, Orientation and training costs, Accounting costs, Bank charges, Administration costs, Advertising costs, Recruitment Facilitation costs.
  • First – time costs.
  • $10 food allowance.
  • One-on-one hospital support, Alternative Decision-makers’ expenses and Representation sign-up fees.
  • Non-Allowable Expenses.

Video 25: The Employer Package

7min 45sec

  • 2 copies of the CSIL Agreement.
  • Contract 1 - 5 years.
  • Terms, Funded amount.
  • Family member information.
  • Liability issues.

Video 26: Monthly Financial Statements

24min 25sec

  • Document Checklist.
  • Which receipts to keep.
  • Bank Reconciliation – Cheques.
  • Statement Submissions to Health Authority.
  • Surplus funds.
  • Financial Statement Sample Review.
  • Long-term Disability and Life Insurance for staff.
  • Outstanding cheques.
  • Responsibilities.
  • Client contributions $300 cap amount.
  • PWD Income – do not pay any home supports.

Video 27:

10min 40sec

  • The Hiring Process – Step 1.
  • Things to think about when hiring.
  • Personality types.
  • Experience of your staff; positives and negatives.
  • Pros and Cons for you.
  • Wants versus Needs.

Video 28: Creating a Job Description – Step 2

10min 15sec

  • The key is your SLP [Supported Lifestyle Plan].
  • Consider all your care needs.
  • Be clear and upfront with potential staff about your needs.
  • Skills, Experience and qualities you’re looking for.
  • Evaluation – Performance.
  • Probationary Period.
  • Sample Job Description discussed.


Word Document: Job Description HandoutJob Description Handout

Video 29: Employee Guidelines and Contract

18min 20sec

  • Policies/Guidelines for staff.
  • Employment Standards Act.
  • Wages, Stat Holidays, 4% vacation pay.
  • Breaks at work.
  • Employment Contract.
  • Evaluation.
  • Sample Employment Contract.
  • Paying Family members.


Word Document: PCA Employee Guidelines ExamplesPCA Employee Guidelines Examples

Video 30: It’s Time to Advertise

10min 56ec

  • Important to describe the position in the ad.
  • Details of Job listed.
  • How to contact you.
  • 2 Examples of job descriptions.
  • Websites and other places of where to look for staff.