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IFRC proudly works alongside the What If Foundation, a registered charity dedicated to building individualized funding. You can donate to the What If Foundation by clicking the donate button.



The Individualized Funding Resource Centre (IFRC) Society has entered into a partnership with GEORIS to provide additional Canadian resources for medical grade personal protection equipment for CSIL and CLBC employers at comparative pricing.
The IFRC Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Project’s first mandate was to learn what PPE a CSIL and a CLBC Employer needs to stay heathy and minimize possible exposure to COVID-19.  The second mandate was to source certified and safe PPE and deliver it to CSIL and CLBC employers.
CSIL and CLBC employers require a way to purchase and have the correct PPE delivered to their home at reasonable cost and in quantities they can afford.  
The IFRC has secured the logistics of purchasing the items, warehousing them, managing the orders and delivering the products to CSIL and CLBC employers.  
* CSIL Employers are reminded that the purchase of PPE is an allowable expense under the CSIL Expense Guidelines.
** You must be a qualified CSIL or CLBC employer to purchase from this site.